Acting Police Commissioner Thomas C. KrumpterThomas C. Krumpter
Acting Police Commissioner
RYDER 6754 COP PORT 2017 150x187 updated
Patrick J. Ryder
Deputy Commissioner of Police 
  Assistant Commissioner David S. Mack
Assistant Commissioner
 David S. Mack  
Assistant CommissionerTatum J. Fox
Assistant Commissioner
Tatum J. Fox
  Assistant Commissioner Robert M. Hart
Assistant Commissioner
Robert M. Hart
Assistnat Commisioner Robert P Codignotto
Assistant Commissioner
Robert  P. Codignotto
Chief of Detectives Kevin Smith
Acting Chief of Department
Kevin P. Smith
PALMER 7028 COD PORT 2017 150x187 updated
Acting Chief of Detectives
Stephen Palmer
Deputy Chief of Support Services Kevin Canavan
Acting Chief of Patrol
Kevin G. Canavan
MCCARTHY 6422 PORT 2 150x187 updated
Chief of Support Services
Sean M. McCarthy