Motor Vehicle Accident Reports Online

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports Online - MV104A
* Motor Vehicle Accidents prior to 04/01/12 are unavailable online
To obtain a copy of an auto accident online you will need one of the following items in order to access the report:

  • Report Number or
  • First Name, Last Name, and Date of Incident or
  • First Name, Last Name and Accident Street Location

Click on the link below and go to “Register for an Involved Party Account” or go to AutoAccidentSignOn if you are already registered.
Download your accident report here:
For customer assistance, please call the LexisNexis® support line at 866.215.2771.
Accident reports are maintained by
LexisNexis® for Nassau County PD

A copy of an accident report can also be ordered directly from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Click here to obtain records from the DMV.

Additional Forms:
Form Name Description
MV-104AC Cover Sheet for Police Accident Report form MV-104A
MV-104 Required to be filed with DMV by all drivers involved in reportable motor vehicle accidents.
To print forms on your printer you must have Adobe Acrobat® installed on your computer. You can install it by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC