SPiN - Nassau County Security/Police Information Network

The Nassau County Security/Police Information Network (SPIN) is a dynamic, multi-dimensional crime prevention partnership between the Nassau County Police Department and the private sector that seeks to increase public safety through the sharing of important and timely information. This program is designed to promote Homeland Security initiatives and business continuity, as well as foster the exchange of information that is critical to the success of protecting Nassau County residents and businesses.
The goals of SPIN are to share information, identify and discuss crime trends and solutions, and work together toward the common goal of protection of persons and assets. SPIN enables the Police Department, or any other County agency, to send out information to the general distribution group, or to a specific sector (i.e. colleges/ universities, hospitals, schools, malls/retail, utilities, petroleum, technology, hotels/ motels, financial institutions, corporate security, and civic leaders). In addition, SPIN connects local, state and federal law enforcement agencies operating in Nassau County, as well as public transportation, and other governmental agencies. As a result, SPIN’s multi-tiered approach allows messages to be tailored for law enforcement, vetted security directors, or chambers of commerce and civic organizations.
SPIN members are contacted by email of unfolding situations as they occur. Messages include notifications of bank robberies, major road closings, disruptions in public transportation, major fires or explosions, civil disturbance, public health or weather-related emergencies, or any other situations involving public safety or effecting continuity of business. In addition, Sex Offender Registry notifications are sent to vulnerable entities using SPIN. Members can utilize SPIN to share information or inquire about safety matters or concerns.
The establishment of such a comprehensive network has applications that are far-reaching in scope, such as; aiding in the capture of felony suspects; notifying participants of the latest crime trends; helping the continuity of business through traffic delay notifications; and facilitating the large-scale exchange of information. The Network also provides the Police Department with the ability to provide training materials to participants that will enhance the safety of all who live and work in Nassau County. Informational meetings are held as necessary to discuss timely security-related issues. Meeting topics have included Domestic Terrorism, the Republican National Convention, Gang Awareness, and the National Response Plan.
SPIN, recognizing the vast amount of knowledge, expertise, and resources in the private sector, recently expanded the scope of its public-private partnership (P3) with the formation of a Security Advisory Council. Utilizing the expertise of security professionals and police officers, the Council is focused on the establishment of guidelines promoting homeland security, crime prevention and crime reduction techniques, as well as working towards a coordinated response to critical incidents. The Security Advisory Council’s first project, DIGITAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE GUIDELINES was recently completed. The guidelines were presented at a SPIN meeting and then posted to the departmental website.
SPIN in partnership with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management has the ability to send out information to the entire SPIN membership, or to any specific sector of private industry, which are sorted into their own email distribution groups.
If you are a security director or have managerial responsibility for the security concerns of your organization, and you are interested in becoming a SPIN member, just click on the link for the SPIN application, then:
Print out the form
Sign the form
Fax to (516) 573-9782
If you have any questions please contact SPIN @ (516) 573-9788
If you are interested in becoming a member of SPIN, please download the SPIN application by clicking the link below
Spin Application

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