Domestic Affairs Liaison

The policy of the Police Department is to afford the victims of domestic violence the greatest protection available. Our policy is intended to protect victims, enforce laws, and prevent future violence. Arrests are made when there is reasonable cause to believe that offenses have been committed or orders of protection have been violated. Reasonable cause is determined in the same way it is for all other offenses; the determination of reasonable cause is not influenced by the domestic relationships of the participants involved. Domestic incidents are not mediated in lieu of court proceedings.

To establish procedures for the following:
  1. protecting victims of domestic violence and providing them with support through a combination of law enforcement and community services,
  2. preventing the cycle of domestic violence and abuse,
  3. responding to domestic incidents,
  4. promoting officer safety and effectiveness by ensuring that officers are properly prepared to deal with domestic incidents.

The Police can help you:
  • Get to a safe place away from the violence
  • Get information on how the court can help protect you against the violence
  • Get medical care for injuries you or your children may have
  • Get necessary belongings from your home for you or your children
  • Get copies of police reports about the violence
  • File a complaint in criminal court and tell you where your local Criminal and Family Courts are located